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Sports Premium

What is the Sport Premium?


The dedicated primary PE and Sport Premium, which was announced in March 2013, goes directly to primary school Headteachers so that they can decide how best to use it to provide sporting activities for pupils. 


Primary schools in England are encouraged to use the premium to:


  • Up-skill teachers to improve the quality of sport lessons
  • Invest in quality coaching
  • Provide more opportunities for pupils to take part in inter-school competitions
  • Offer more after-school clubs
  • Purchase better equipment
  • Introduce new and unusual sports
  • Improve sport teaching for children with special educational needs
  • Deliver holiday and weekend activities
  • Boost Change4life clubs, helping children build a healthier lifestyle


Sport Premium  2015/16


How much money did Brockhampton receive?


For the period September 2015 to August 2016, the school received  £8 615 in Sport Premium Funding.


How did Brockhampton spend the money?


Our Sport Premium Funding was invested in a programme of work carried out by Fit4Schools, an organisation that works with schools and children, promoting children’s engagement with PE, exercise and physical development. Their website link is below:

The programme consisted of:


  • Weekly P.E. teaching in Years Five and Six
  • CPD for staff as part of that teaching commitment
  • Additional after school sports clubs run on two evenings a week
  • 3 x fit4schools tests (two trainers)
  • Full data analysis and report after tests
  • Extended school provision supporting fit4schools programme data
  • Interactive portal access for teachers/pupils
  • Certificates for buddies, Gifted & Talented, most improved
  • fit4schools weather durable banners for playground/fitness area


A breakdown of the testing programme is outlined below.


fit4schools PROGRAMME      


The fit4schools programme providing opportunities for pupils to become physically confident and motivated to achieve in health and fitness. Four tests will be conducted throughout the year during PE lessons to all children.


Following the testing, data will be collected and uploaded onto our system for a comprehensive review. This data is then analysed and a report is sent. This report allows both teachers and fit4school trainers to identify Gifted & Talented children and those who require intervention support. It also allows you to view how different groups are performing such as Key Stage, class, gender, SEN and Pupil Premium which is a great resource to help track, monitor and assess the children.


Subject leaders will be given online access to all of this data as well as the report being sent out to you summarising our findings. Additionally, children are also provided with access to their own individualised online program which includes a downloadable training card specific to their ability.


Our impact in schools following the fit4schools programme has been testimony to our success so far with an overall average school improvement of 24%. Children become inspired and determined to improve on previous scores creating an enthusiastic and competitive environment. Lastly, our performance measured, quantifiable data provision is unique and a great assessment tool.


Fit4schools AIM


Our aim is to provide a best in service provision, backed up by full onsite and offsite support from the management team. Our staff will do their utmost to become a part of the school team, they will liaise with staff and follow school procedures and protocols in regards to discipline, sanctions and rewards

What was the impact in 2015/16?



The following report has been produced as a result of the recent Test 2 which has been conducted at Brockhampton Primary School. Enclosed is data outlining the Overall School Improvement along with comparisons between Gender groups, which provides a summary of the progress made by the children.


Post Test (2) review


  • Overall School Improvement of 20.63%
  • Each class made an overall improvement compared to Test 1
  • In KS1, Year 2 made the biggest overall gains improving their average score by 18.32
  • In KS2, Year 4 made the biggest overall gains improving their average score by 59.16
  • Girls made an overall improvement of 28.30%
  • Boys made an overall improvement of 15.12%
  • Boys in KS1 made the biggest overall improvements (27.44%) compared to Girls (17.14%)
  • Girls in KS2 made the biggest overall improvements (33.52%) compared to Boys (12.12%)


Based on this review, it is pleasing to see the improvements made over the three tests so far. I am confident these results will continue to improve with the help and support of your staff and our fit4schools trainers.


Moving forward, when teachers log into the system to view their individual classes, they’ll be able to track the improvements made which will help with report writing and assessments this term.


Please follow the links below for a full breakdown of the impact the programme has had: