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Year 2

Hello and welcome to Year 2!





We will begin the half term by learning a story called Handa's Surprise. The children will retell the story using actions and puppets and then change the setting and the characters when writing their own version. To link in with our topic of Tanzania, the children will use the internet and books to research information about an African animal before writing an information text.



To start the term we will be looking at how to multiply and divide numbers using arrays. Once the children are confident we will move onto solving multiplication and division facts for the 10, 2 and 5 times tables. Next we will move on to finding unit and non-unitary fractions of amounts and shapes. If you would like to support your child at home, please help them to learn addition and subtraction facts for number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and multiplication and division facts for the 10, 2 and 5 times tables.



Our new topic is Go Wild! (Tanzania, Africa). We will begin by locating Africa and Tanzania on a world map and in atlases then move on to looking at the difference how the seasons and weather are different to England's. Finally we will learn how to read compass directions and design a simple map.


Design and Technology

We have three DT projects this half term: designing and making African jewellery, weaving and designing and making African masks. 



During our topic of Animals and their Habitats this half term the children will classify different types of animals and identify why they are suited to different types of habitats. We will use natural materials found outside to make a habitat for a woodland animal and explore food chains.



This half term we will be thinking about leaders with a focus of why Jesus and Moses so important to Christians and Jews.



Our PE day is Monday. On Monday the children will be learning basic skills used in gymnastics such as balancing, travelling and rolling. Once they are confident with these they will compose a sequence of movements. Although we will use pumps for indoor PE sessions, trainers are advisable for outdoor PE.


Forest School

Every Wednesday Year 2 and Year 4 will take part in forest school activities. To give the children more time outside forest school leaders will send them home in their forest school clothes. Please ensure appropriate clothing and footwear comes back into school the next day. We will be going outside whatever the weather!


Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Word List

Year Two have been very busy peeling and chopping bags of vegetables ready for the Christmas walk tomorrow

Using apostrophes to shorten words

Today we made shape pictures using sticks to represent the sides of 2D shapes

Year Two measured in cm and m to investigate whether the tallest children have the longest feet

Cooking foods from the countires in the United Kingdom