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Year 4

Spellings - to be tested 11th May

This is Year 4 !

April- July 2018


Welcome back to an exciting new Summer Term. Here is an overview of what we will be learning this term.



In English, we will be focusing on play scripts, non-fiction, story writing and poetry. We will be reading a range of these genres, identifying their different features and building up a "toolbox" to use when writing our own.  We will be focusing on using rich vocabulary to make our writing come alive as well as using a range of sentence structures to create different effects. We will be carefully considering our choice of punctuation and editing our work to ensure we have spelt words correctly. We will be continually improving our handwriting and presentation.

We will be continuing with "Reciprocal Reading" which involves each child in the group taking on a different role such as predictor, summariser, questioner or clarifier (Mrs Preston always has the role of "Interrupter"!!) During these sessions we will be reading a range of texts to include play scripts, poetry, non-fiction and narrative.



In Maths, we are looking at:

  • measures (including perimeter and converting units)
  • properties of shape
  • acute and obtuse angles (identifying and ordering them)
  • statistics (data handling)

As always, these topics will involve fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.


Times Tables

By the end of Year 4, we should be able to recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 and also be able to count in multiples of 6,7,9,25,1000.


Homework, Spellings and Reading books

In Year 4, our Homework is on a 3-weekly cycle; this includes practising and learning  for our weekly Spelling and Times Tables tests which we have on a Friday.  In our class, our Homework is linked to what we have been learning that week – this will be a good report for parents who are interested in what we are doing week-by-week - the homework was handed out last week (Tuesday 17th April 2018).


In our class, we bring in our Reading Diaries every day.  We aim to improve our reading and develop a love of reading, by reading a wide range of texts.  Therefore, we need to make sure we are reading every night at home with a member of our family.   



PE will be on Monday and Thursday. We will be covering athletics skills as well as Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) such as team building skills and problem solving activities.     


Other Subjects

The learning in our other subjects includes:


Music - "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint- Saens


French - animal names and colours - sentences to introduce and describe animals


Art/ DT – animal sketches and designs


Science – Living things and their habitats

              - Cooking and Nutrition


History - Anglo Saxons


RE - Judaism


Computing -  finding and using information to put in a presentation



This week, Year 4 has been making guitars as part of their 'Sound' topic. 

Their classroom was an absolute mess with the pom poms, stickers, lolly sticks and everything else they used !  Great fun !  At the end of the day, Year 4 played their guitars alongside the old rocker Neil Young's music !   

Freeze Frame Drama

Freeze Frame Drama 1
Freeze Frame Drama 2
Freeze Frame Drama 3
Freeze Frame Drama 4
Freeze Frame Drama 5
Freeze Frame Drama 6
Freeze Frame Drama 7
Freeze Frame Drama 8
Freeze Frame Drama 9
Freeze Frame Drama 10
Freeze Frame Drama 11
Freeze Frame Drama 12
Freeze Frame Drama 13
Freeze Frame Drama 14
Freeze Frame Drama 15
Freeze Frame Drama 16
Freeze Frame Drama 17
Freeze Frame Drama 18
Freeze Frame Drama 19
Freeze Frame Drama 20

Year 4 - Guitars

Year 4 - Guitars 1
Year 4 - Guitars 2
Year 4 - Guitars 3
Year 4 - Guitars 4
Year 4 - Guitars 5
Year 4 - Guitars 6
Year 4 - Guitars 7
Year 4 - Guitars 8
Year 4 - Guitars 9
Year 4 - Guitars 10
Year 4 - Guitars 11
Year 4 - Guitars 12
Year 4 - Guitars 13
Year 4 - Guitars 14
Year 4 - Guitars 15 Rock and Roll baby !
Year 4 - Guitars 16
Year 4 - Guitars 17
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