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Our School Curriculum


At Brockhampton, there are three curriculum drivers that personalize our curriculum. These are incorporated across all areas of our learning and underpin everything that we do. They challenge and inspire through a rich, relevant curriculum that takes account of individual needs, and through the wider aspects of school life.  Our curriculum drivers set high standards and expectations, and instill self-esteem and self-belief. They have been chosen and developed through consultation with staff, children and parents - identifying the needs and interests of children at Brockhampton.


Our curriculum drivers are:


  • Grow Independence
  • Know Our Place in Our World
  • Care for Our Health and Wellbeing


Grow Independence:

Children at Brockhampton Primary School will develop as independent learners.  They will become increasingly resilient, risk-taking and take the initiative by asking questions, carrying out investigations, evaluating ideas and working constructively with others.  Their natural curiosity and creativity will be nurtured. They will be encouraged and taught to imagine, enquire and become increasingly enterprising.  With adult guidance, children will acquire knowledge through self-led projects and learn how to approach and solve problems. They will show a determination to keep going despite failure, setbacks and stick at an activity even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Staff will deliver this through a range of curriculum subjects and continuous provision by teaching children to:

  • Plan, carry out and evaluate maths and science investigations.
  • Become motivated to read for both study and pleasure.
  • Communicate effectively through writing and oral presentations by selecting the appropriate style and techniques for their audience.
  • Design their own fieldwork projects in geography and history, working with and learning from a range of sources.
  • Design, make and evaluate products for a given brief/criteria.
  • Compose, transcribe and perform their own music.
  • Become accomplished in experimenting with and selecting the tools, materials and techniques to enable them to produce their own artwork.
  • Be responsible digital users of the internet, applications and devices, becoming competent in coding and communications.
  • Recognize, accept and enjoy their successes while developing pride in achievements.



Know Our Place in Our World:

Brockhampton children are all part of a school, local, national and global community.  Our aim is to teach the children to gain a sense of place and understand that they will continue to play a part in its future.  Pupils will develop a good knowledge of the local community, national context and wider world which will provide them with empathy and compassion towards others.  They will become good citizens, will develop an awareness of their responsibility to care for the environment and understand how their life choices will influence the future of our planet.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing and maintaining links with other schools, local businesses, charities, heritage, and cultural organizations and voluntary groups
  • Providing opportunities for children to explore similarities and differences between communities and understand how they fit into the wider world.
  • Teaching children to have respect for others by listening to their ideas and opinions, even when views differ.
  • Teaching children a strong understanding of how the beliefs, values and practices and ways of life, within any culture or religion, cohere together.



Care for Our Health and Wellbeing:

It is important to us that all members of our school community are healthy – physically and mentally. Throughout life, our children will face many difficult challenges and need to have the mental and physical strength to be successful and happy. 

The regular outdoor learning opportunities, the wide range of extra-curricular clubs and our nurturing school ethos, all contribute to the children’s wellbeing.     

We aim to develop confident, self-assured children who are able to make responsible choices for their own health and wellbeing.

For children to have a strong sense of self-belief and positive self-esteem, staff will provide opportunities and teach the children to:

  • Try new foods, activities and experiences.
  • Acquire the ability to maintain a physically active lifestyle and understand the importance of this on promoting long-term health and wellbeing.
  • Fully understand the nutritional value of food and why we should have a healthy balanced diet.
  • Meet up with others, in school and locally, who share interests in a safe environment.
  • Work hard and reflect on how effort and commitment leads to success.
  • Develop and understand techniques and methods that aid concentration.
  • Develop their expertise and deepen their interests.
  • Push past fears and reflect upon the emotions felt afterwards with the support and encouragement and advice from others.

The National Curriculum


At Brockhampton, our School Curriculum operates within the requirements of The National Curriculum (2014).

For any queries regarding our school curriculum, please contact the Head Teacher: