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Brockhampton Primary SchoolOnly My Best

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Brockhampton Primary SchoolOnly My Best


Ethos and Vision




Our Ethos


At Brockhampton we put children at the heart of everything we do. We strive to ensure all our children receive the high-quality education they deserve and grow to become confident, positive, independent young people who love to learn, to contribute and who can achieve.


We are an inclusive, caring school. Our dedicated staff believe that every child matters. We understand that all children have talents, abilities, and interests and that our job is to help them discover and develop their potential. We encourage a strong community spirit where we show consideration and respect for each other with high expectations of kind, considerate and well-mannered behaviour.


We know it is both our duty and privilege to provide for Brockhampton's children as if they were our own and in so doing, build a firm foundation for the rest of their lives.




Our Vision for Learning


At Brockhampton we strive for outstanding teaching and learning.

We believe there should be:


  • Excellent teaching that develops high standards and expectations, with progress for all children within a relevant, creative curriculum that inspires, enthuses, motivates and challenges
  • Learning and teaching that balances  achievement and progress with opportunities for creativity, the arts, sport and extra-curricular activities
  • Learning environments that have children’s social and emotional development and well-being at their heart: that develop self-esteem  and actively support and challenge children, where they feel safe, happy and able to take “risks”, learning from their mistakes and celebrating their achievements
  • High expectations of conduct and behaviour which are fair, clear, consistently and positively reinforced by all-where personal responsibility and self-discipline are encouraged and celebrated
  • Support, development and well-being for or all staff, where honest and open communication exists, and relationships are developed to inspire and motivate them in the service they provide
  • The development of parent partnerships, where parents are made to feel welcome, valued, consulted and involved in their children’s education
  • A desire to place the school at the heart of its community, and help prepare the children for their role and responsibilities within that community and beyond