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PTA Welcome Letter

Welcome back to all parents from Brockhampton PTA.  I hope your children are settling back in well and you are coping with the peace and quiet!

This year we are raising funds to rejuvenate the outside area of the school, including the playground and wooded area.  It’s a big project and we are excited to be working with the school to raise money and help in any other way we can.  This is something we really want to get behind and will be something that will benefit every child in the school now and for years to come.  Some of the ways we fundraise are detailed below for new parents and as a reminder to current! 

Firstly, our cake sales.  Each class has one cake sale a year that they provide the cakes for.  These are usually held on a Friday on the playground at the end of school.  If your child catches the bus don’t panic, they won’t miss out (in fact they get first dibs) so please send in 50p with them that morning!  All cakes are sold at 50p each and all the money raised goes towards the cost of the coach for the class trip this year.

Our Discos are also on a Friday.  We have one a term. KS1 (reception, year 1 and year 2) have their disco straight after school.  Please send in a change of clothes for them in the morning.  Collection is at 4.45pm.  It is £5/child, and this includes a hot dog, water or squash, sweets and a glowstick or tattoo.  Please do not send money into school with your child, please pay when you collect them instead. KS2 (year 3 – year 6) have their disco from 5pm – 6.30pm.  We charge £3 entry/child and then they have the option to buy hot dogs at £1, 5p sweets and glowsticks/tattoos for 50p.  Water and squash are free for all children.  The discos prove really popular with the children (and the teachers all seem to enjoy a boogie too!)

We also have one non-uniform day a term.  Instead of asking for the usual £1 we usually ask for donations for an event we are due to hold.  This term we have a bingo and so will be asking for bingo prizes.  We send out a guide for what we hope each class will donate (so we don’t end up with all chocolate!) however this is just a guide and we are grateful for any donation made. 

Keep an eye out also for our Christmas cards.  They proved a massive success last year with the addition of mugs, tea towels and bags available with the children’s designs on.

We also put on some big events throughout the year…bingo, bonfire night and the fete being the three big ones. These are all run by parents voluntarily but are a lot of fun and great for putting Brockhampton on the map!  They also make a healthy difference to our bank balance!

We also have a scheme that we belong to called Easyfundraising.  It’s very simple, you don’t need to hand over any personal information.  You just need to visit the website before going to your retailer and the retailer will donate a % of the money you spend to us!  Money for nothing!  Please visit the website to see how you can help:      

We will shortly have our AGM (a text will be sent out with the date and time this week) and all are welcome.  By turning up you are not signing your life away to the PTA.  We will go very easy on you but are grateful for any input, however big or small.  We are also aware that not everyone can turn up to meetings etc so if you have any fundraising ideas or want to help at an event please either catch me on the playground or email me –

I think that’s everything.  I try to keep everyone informed as much as I can without completely bombarding you!   

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. 

Gemma Mitchell

PTA Chair