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Year Five

Welcome to Year Five !


Our Class Teacher is Miss Taylor. 

Your teacher's email address is: 



This term our topic is “WW2 Away from home” This topic will cover a range of thoughtful activities. We will be thinking about some key events of World War Two - with a particular focus of looking at propoganda. In additon, we will be thinking about the kind of food evacuees and their families would have eaten and how rationing during the war impacted the quantity and quality of food available. In Geography, we will be thinking about different continents and countries and their proximity to the United Kingdom. Moreover, we will consider the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, the Prime/Greenwich Meridian and time zones. 


 In Science we will be exploring different materials with a focus on solids, liquids and gases. Furthermore, we will explore how some materials will dissolve in a liquid to form a solution and describe how to recover a substance from a solution.



In Art we will be looking at a famous pieced of art 'Gassed' by John Singer Sargent. Using this as inspiration for our own art we will practise different sketching skills to recreate parts of the gassed painting. We will use brush techniques and paint to create texture. 


During English, we will intially focus on 'Settings' for our Talk for Writing section of English. We will look at building a vibrant setting through a range of ambitious vocabulary with a desire to 'show' not 'tell' in our writing. Using modelled examples from Harry Potter and other fictional works we will explore what contributes to effective setting description. 


In Maths, we wil be focusing on Place Value and exploring numbers to a million. We will be using resources from White Rose and securing our learning taught during Y4. 


Our whole class reading book is Carrie's War . This is a 1973 English children's novel by Nina Bawden set during the Second World War. It follows two young London evacuees, Carrie and her younger brother Nick, into a Welsh village.


Forest School every Tuesday

Each week, we will be taking some of our lessons outside of the classroom to utilise our fantastic outdoor facilities. This will take place on Tuesday afternoon. Please provide your children with suitable footwear (wellies) and waterproofs to enable us to go out in all weathers.Children can come to school in their Forest School attire. 


P.E. every Wednesday

Children can come to school in their PE kit and are not required to change. P.E. is every Wednesday afternoon. 

For the first few weeks we are lucky enough to have rugby lessons taught from a Worceter Warriors coach! 


French every Thursday

Miss Mayne will be teaching French every Thursday afternoon.







What is expected to be completed at home:

  • Reading- listen to your child read and leave comments in Reading Record books.
  • Spellings- Log books need to be brought into school every day. 
  • TT Rockstars- please make Miss Taylor  aware if you are unable to access the internet at home. We will be able to support your child with an alternative method.










Useful websites


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Year 5 Book Recommendations


We are book worms in year 5 and are always deeply absorbed in the stories, so much so we can't bare to put the book down at the end of a session.


Often, we recommend books to each other, sharing them, saving them for one another. So we wanted to create a reading list of our own, here on the website that each of us can look at if we are stuck for what to read next. Here are some that have recently been recommended:


  Recommended by Zachary