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Year Four

Year 4 Homework - Spring II


Playing their panpipes

What we are learning in Year 4 this Spring Second Half Term:-


Maths - Calculating the area of 'hard' shapes; equivalent fractions; adding/subtracting fractions; finding fractions of amounts. 

English - writing a story, using DIFFERENT sentence starters, similes and metaphors, adjectives, character descriptions, settings.

Art - looking at a French artist, Anne Vallyer.  Also, looking at the life of Marie Antoinette.

PE - Hockey skills and Gymastics.

RE - Judaism.

Music - learning the recorder.

Science - Sound.

DT - making a variety of musical instruments including drums, panpipes and guitars.

Geography - capital cities, countries, continents.



Playing our Panpipes

Year 4 clay models

Year 4 Moving Toys

Year 4 Science

Year 4's swords. We know the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.

This is Year Four !